Cinema & Its History (To Die or To Dream + The Take Over)

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To Die or To Dream Chinese American actress, Anna May Wong, is caught in a dark alternate celluloid reality. She relives her cinematic past over and over while deciding how she wants to be portrayed as an actress. The Take Over Cinema one of the greatest Art forms of our time...providing popular entertainment is the preeminent forum for ideas and self-expression. Since the time of its invention late 1880s, Cinema has used moving images to create amazing works. Indian Cinema especially has seen a tremendous change in Filmmaking process.. More and more movies are either partly or entirely digital constructions that are created with computers and eventually retrieved from drives at our local multiplex or streamed to the large and small screens of our choice. Right before our eyes, Indian Cinema is undergoing a revolution that may have more far reaching, fundamental impact than the introduction of sound, color or television.