The Brave & The Bold - Centerpiece Screening - A LEADING MAN

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A LEADING MAN - DC APA Film Centerpiece Program Screening - "The Brave & The Bold"
Directed By Steven J. Kung - USA (TRT 1hour 36min)

Everyone is happy for rising actor GUOQIAO (GQ) – the network, his mother, his best friend – everyone except GQ himself. Heʼs stuck playing an offensive stereotype on a television sitcom, and the day he decides to speak up for himself on set, the executive producer fires him. Struggling to pick up the pieces, he starts dating A-list casting director RACHEL. Love and work are intertwined as he gives her sex; she gives him auditions. 
Their relationship survives the protestations of GQʼs mother, PAT, and best friend, DAVID, but starts to show strain as it becomes clear that GQ is unable to land another acting gig. Frustrated with Rachelʼs inability to produce results, GQ takes interest in a celebutante actress who tests his ambition and fidelity. As pressures from work, love and family come to a head, GQ must confront the hard question: How much of himself will he compromise for career success?

Check out the Trailer Here: A LEADING MAN

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