Someone Else by Nelson Kim

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Someone Else by Nelson Kim - Korean / Narrative / 1:12 Minutes - SOMEONE ELSE is a surreal drama about the clash of wills between two Korean American cousins. Jamie (Aaron Yoo), a shy young law student hungry for a more vivid, risk-taking existence, visits his wealthy playboy cousin Will (Leonardo Nam) in New York City. Jamie has always looked up to Will for boldly pursuing pleasure and self-gratification in a way that Jamie's own cautious, reserved nature has never dared. In his quest to emulate Will, Jamie sheds his old identity and gets involved with a mysteriously alluring girl named Kat (Jackie Chung). But in a series of surprising twists, Jamie’s adventure spirals out of control, and his dream of self-transformation becomes a nightmare that threatens to destroy him. SOMEONE ELSE takes the audience on a wild, unsettling ride in which nothing is as it first appears. What seems at first to be a realistic drama takes a radical turn beyond realism and transforms into a haunting meditation on love and loss. The true nature of Jamie’s situation is revealed, in an ending that will leave viewers discussing and debating it long after the movie is over.